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"I fully endorse Blake Cozzens in his bid to be nominated as the republican candidate to serve as our Utah State Congressional representative from District 72 here in Iron County. As a state and county delegate over the past 2 years I have observed the dedication Blake has shown as the Iron County Republican Party Chairman. I do not ever remember seeing anyone serve in that post with more passion for, and commitment to liberty and constitutional principles than Blake has done and continues to do. While there are good people who are serving and are seeking re-election as our representatives at the state level, I believe their well-meaning actions often lack a real understanding of, and respect for the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Utah. Regardless of the popularity of some ideas I believe a representative must always measure his decisions first against the principles of our constitution and the proper roles of government. A great Book of Mormon prophet and political leader Moroni said, “I seek not for power, but to pull it down, I seek not for honor of the world but for the glory of my God, and the freedom and welfare of my country”

Our governments on Federal, State, County and City levels are in need of good men and women who “seek not for power, but to pull it down…” to prune it back, to return to a greater respect for the inalienable rights granted us by our Creator, and returning governments to serve the people only in the roles granted by our constitutions. Blake Cozzens will be a strong advocate in representing us as citizens of Iron County toward that end. He is not afraid to research issues and to educate those he serves regarding the effects of decisions that are being considered. I encourage you to look closely at the voting records and actions of the candidates this year as you make your decisions on who will best represent us, and to choose those who will act to help restore our governments to the divine roles allowed by the constitutions of the United States and the great State of Utah."

- Dave Staheli, Iron County Delegate 2014

Aaron Gabrielson

"Blake Cozzens represents a new generation of Republican leaders that is focused on returning the party to its first principles. He is a consistent voice for smaller, more efficient government that protects our individual rights. Blake is a leader that will protect Utah from the steady erosion of our freedom that is hurting America. I know from firsthand experience, that you can count on Blake to stick to his core principles and always do what is right."

- Aaron Gabrielson, Wasatch County Republican Chair

Aaron Gabrielson

"I'm honored to endorse Blake Cozzens for the District 72 Legislative Seat. I have worked closely with Blake as a Co-Chair with the Utah First PIC. I'm also a former Republican Party Chair and recognize the outstanding job Blake has done with running the Republican Party in Iron County, along with his work to preserve our Caucus System. Most importantly I have watched Blake stand for our Republican Platform and Principles. Iron County as well as the State of Utah will benefit from having Blake serve in our Legislative Body."

- Kris Kimball, Former Davis County Republican Party Chair and President of the United Women's Forum

Kris Kimball

"Blake Cozzens is wise beyond his years. I have been working with Blake on the State Central Committee and it always amazes me how much he understands about a wide variety of political issues. Blake is a hard worker and he isn't afraid to stand up for what is right. Often people will take the easy way out, try not to offend someone, or just try to be politically correct. Blake has a very good understanding of right and wrong. He works hard to defend what is right and to right what is wrong. A hardworking man with wisdom and courage. What more could you ask for in a representative? I highly recommend that you give strong consideration to this young man who is willing to serve you and defend your rights!"

- Lynda Pipkin, Vice-Chair Weber County Republican Party

Lynda Pipkin